Posted by Gabriel Isserlis on 26/07/18 18:10

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Welcome to my first blog post everyone. My team has been urging me to write blog posts for a while now. And what I’ve been trying to figure out in my own head is “what do I write about?”

There are many fears and doubts that have been blocking me from wanting to share my thoughts in the form of a blog post. The most prominent being “What do I write about?” A related question is “What do I have the authority to write about?” I am a 1st time founder, with a lot of interesting questions in my mind, but very few answers. Very little of what I think is true or correct at this stage has solid evidence for support. I have asked around for ideas of what to share in these posts and the most common suggestion has been: find someone else’s article and share that with your own thoughts; or share information about the industry that our customers will find useful.

Both are solid suggestions, but in the first case, I don’t want to be simply adding on to the work of someone else with a couple of my own points. In the second case, I want to get to know my customer base a little better before I start offering them suggestions. And at this stage, Tutti is unknown. I believe we need to have more than simply our toes in the water before we can offer suggestions on how to swim. I’m not ruling out doing either of those things – it just won’t happen quite yet.

So back to that first question: What do I write about? What is interesting and informative, without being specific career advice? What claims can I share that I have enough evidence to support? What stories can I share that people will not have heard a million times over? The only answer that I keep coming back to is stories of Tutti: Where we have come from; Where we are going; What advice has stuck with me; and What life lessons have I learnt and am I continuing to learn, that apply not only to building a company but to many aspects of life in general?

This seems like a solid starting point and leaves the field nice and open to interpretation. I will strive to make my future posts at least one of the three I’s: informative, interesting, or inspiring. I will not set a deadline for these posts. If I’ve learnt anything in the past years of attempting to build a company, deadlines and promises are often broken. But I will try to keep them somewhat consistent and aligned with what many of my favourite teachers at school taught me: Quality, not Quantity.

I’m sorry this has been more of a teaser than an actual post, but that’s why it’s marked as "#0."
I will leave you with a question however: what would you like me to write about? Are there any specific subjects in the realm of company building that you would be eager for me to share my take on? 

Feel free to comment here, or email me at with any suggestions of topics. 
Till next time, thank you for your time.